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"3 is never a crowd with us. We're always looking for a great time and sexy women."- Cali_Couple

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“I've just recently come out as bisexual. I was scared my girlfriend would leave but she was actually turned on at the thought of her with two guys! Needless to say, both of our fantasies have come true.” - LovemeorLeaveme_
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“Being in an on again, off again relationship got me thinking about what I could do to keep it on, all the time. I spoke to my boyfriend and we decided that we just need to spice things up in the bedroom. Sex with another guy? What could be better?” - Justthethreeofus_69
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“My boyfriend and I are always looking for hot sex. On Letzgetiton, we have never felt hotter! We can't say enough how many hotties we have found on here and it just keeps getting better!” - StickShiftboys

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The two of us felt like something was missing in our relationship. After really opening up, we came to realize that we both had the same desire. Hook up with one other guy. Letzgetiton has brought our fantasies to life and we'll never look back.

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I've always been bisexual and my girlfriend is amazingly open to the thought. we're pretty new to hooking up on a sex site but we feel very comfortable and welcomed here. Finding a guy to join our twosome is right at our fingertips!

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Bringing another guy into our sex life was the best thing we did. We have a completely open and honest relationship and we're ready to make things a little more wild.

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Sometimes you need that one on one time and sometimes you need to add one more into that equation. we're looking for a guy to spice up our sex life and help recreate our fantasies. let's hook up tonight!

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My boyfriend and I are looking for a guy to shake things up, sexually. We are young, hot and full of lust. We came to Letzgetiton because we keep hearing about the hot hook ups. You free tonight?

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I've never been afraid of my sexuality and my girlfriend amazingly understands. She's a bit freaky too! we're looking for guys to wow us and heat up our boudoir.

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Don't let my looks fool you! I'm a freak at heart. My main man and I are looking for a third to complete the fantasy. Are you up for it?