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"Hot couples, hot nights! If that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed."- CrazyinLust

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If you have a valid e-mail address and can come up with a clever username, you could be well on your way to hooking up tonight.

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Are you trying to add fire to your relationship or marriage? Try something new and see where it takes you. You might really like it!

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“Adding another couple to our sex life was the best thing we could've done! it's so hot and we are closer than we've ever been. Sex is a huge part of our life and here; we can get it when we want it.” - Let'sRide_Allnight
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“We love to act out our favorite porn with other couples! it's so hot! Two guys, two girls, a guy and a girl, whatever! We love to explore and the pleasure of adding to our sex fests is so satisfying. Letzgetiton matches are the hottest we've ever hooked up with.” - BusterLust
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“I've always been bisexual but knew I'd want to meet a man and maybe start a family someday. When I met my fianc_e, I always brought up the idea of adding a woman or two to the bedroom. He did not mind at all! Needless to say, we both get to fulfill our fantasies and keep our relationship strong. We are looking for hot women tonight.” - MixandMingle

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4 out of 10 couples are looking for change. That doesn't mean that they want out of their relationships or marriages, it just means that they want to spice things up. Out of those 4 people, 3 are open to a couples foursome and out of the 100 couples we've polled, 50% have tried one. Those 50% are still happily together and looking for more ways to explore and keep the excitement alive. Don't let your own thoughts hold you back. You don't know what you're missing if you've never tried. You might really enjoy stepping outside of your normal routine and swinging into a different scenario with another couple. Let yourself be free and grab your partner for what could be, the exact thing you need to rekindle that passion between you. You'll never know until you try. You might really love stepping outside of your normal routine. Don't listen to the cheating taboo hype. It's your life, your bedroom and most importantly, your relationship. If you and your partner are curious to try something different then do it together and don't be shy to admit that you need a change. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do something you've never done with someone you love. Experience the pleasure together that will strengthen your bond that much more.

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We have always been an adventurous couple and we're looking to spice things up a bit. We have met some great matches on Letzgetiton. There are so many couples to get to know and we're looking forward to many more steamy hookup sessions.

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Our wedding was last August, we've been together for 7 years. We keep the lust alive by mixing things up and bringing sexy hookups home. Letzgetiton lets us get straight to the point. When we're looking for heat, we can find it right when we want it.

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Our friends have no idea that we hook up with couples. it's our little dirty secret and that keeps things very exciting in the bedroom. We even like to voyeur out of our bedroom and role-play. Some of the hottest nights started in a club and ended in an abandoned warehouse. Yes, we would say we like to live dangerously sexy!

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we're a hot, young and fit, lesbian couple looking for sex tonight. We know what we want and what makes us feel good and we want to share that with another couple. Do you like bondage? We do.

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Looking for couples to satisfy your urges? Create threesomes, foursomes or any number of sexy groups, at any time that's good for you. Can you imagine all of the steamy nights you can create to relieve your stress or fulfill that fantasy that you've always dreamed of? Well, we here at LetzGetitOn have created a site that allows to you set your preferences and find exactly what you'relooking for, anytime, anywhere. Just log in and select your location. Out of town? Select the city or town you are in and find sexy couples near you! it's that simple and we love sexy and simple. All you have to do is sign up and with a valid e-mail and creative username, you are well on your way to getting it on tonight! Don't want to leave the comfort of your own room? that'sokay too. Just log in and start chatting or start up that web cam and see those sexy faces in real time. Get to know the couple you'll be sharing your bed with before you dive right in. Make sure you're a perfect fit or just go for it! Do whatever you want. That's the beauty of online dating. It's all up to you and on your own time. Everything happens at your own pace, you are in complete control. The best way to take charge of your sex life is to do it on your time, your way. Sign up today and you will be getting it on tonight!


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If you enjoy swinging and are ready for another night on the town, sign up today. We'll connect you with other swingers just like you that are in your area and ready for some 2 on 2 action tonight. You'll also appreciate that we suggest the best swingers bars to go to in your area, if your preferences allow. We know the hottest spots and our members keep us updated so we never miss a beat. Are you ready to try something new? Get out and experience the best of your town and really get to know what you've been missing. Your matches follow you wherever you roam so if you travel out of your city, connect to the local swingers there. You'll never run out of things to see and people to do when you're connected on your smart phone. Get our app so you can stay updated and connect, wherever you may be. It can be fun to meet new people on the road and know that when the fun's over, there are no obligations after. It can be as short term or as long term as you like it. Sex and dating on your terms. There's nothing better than that.


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In high school we connected because we were both comfortable with our sexuality. We Don't believe in monogamy but we would rather bring the fun to the bedroom with both of us there. Males and females wanted tonight!

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We are party animals looking to get out, drink, dance, party the night away and go to one of our places for a sexy night cap. We like to explore new positions, toys and couples!

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If you'relooking to fulfill your exotic fantasy of having a European lover, you've come to the right place and you'll get two times the fun. We make love as good as our accents sound. Letzgetiton has been our go to place for sex.