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I'm here looking for couples that are fun, outgoing and adventurous. The fun doesn't have to stay in the bedroom. let's get out and explore the city, then do whatever comes naturally. I like to feel like we're getting to know each other a bit before getting intimate. it's hard to meet people who are looking for the same things, so why not build something lasting and sexy!

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Being young and open minded is where I'm at right now. I want to see and explore what's out there and am open to pretty much any sexual situation. There's nothing that I won't try!lol Well I haven't come across anything yet anyway. I'm free for dinner this week if you want to meet up.

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If you'relike me, you'rebusy and constantly on the go. After work I come home to a mailbox full of messages and friend requests, which takes away the stress of having to go out and be a part of that whole dating scene. I like convenience and this site has given me that and I've met some great couples.

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I'm bisexual and just want to meet couples who are as sexually open as I am. it's easy to find what I'm looking for here. I narrow down my search and am taken to a page with thousands of couples to choose from. it's like a sex candy store and nothing is better than a sex candy

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My friends think I'm straight laced but they have no idea! I'm eager to find couples to party with and then take me home. I'm not picky about dinner or conversation or going on dates. If we connect sexually, that'sall that matters!

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let's just have fun, the 3 of us, let go of your hang ups and keep it sexy and casual. I'm a party girl and want to get out there, go to the movies, a fair, the beach, a house party, whatever! let's just get out have fun and see where the night goes. Hopefully somewhere sexy! ;)

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Looking for couples to satisfy my needs. I'm single and ready tonight if you are! I've never met so many sexy people until I came to and getting it on is simple. I could message you in the morning and meet up in the evening if that works for you!