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"I'm tired of the same old dating sites. LetzGetitOn is new, fresh and so sexy! My matches are perfect for me!"- CrayonsandCookies

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If you're tired of the same old, we have something new and exciting! If you're ready to meet your matches, sign up and join today!

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Maybe you've been on enough blind dates and you're starting to think there's no one left in your town. We'll find the hidden gem in your city and send them your way.


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“I'm pretty down to earth and just looking for a woman that is free with her mind and sexuality. I've tried other lesbian sites before and I found that they were too complicated and the creators didn't understand that lesbians are not all the same. Being able to really narrow down my search is what keeps me here. I can find exactly who I'm looking for and strike up a conversation.” - RometoAfrica
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“I love that this site is so fun! No seriousness here. I'm looking for a wild girl who'l lmake my head spin. I've tried other sites but this one is amazing! The people here just get it and it's never hard to find what you'relooking for. Thanks Letzgetiton for getting me hooked up!” - CheekyCali_11
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“I'm a shy poet and sometimes it's hard for me to approach girls in public. Online dating is the best thing for someone like me because I can be myself and pick and choose whom I want to speak with. I've had many pleasant experiences on Letzgetiton.” - Redbeaner_9

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We know that dating sites can be boring. that'swhy we've stepped up the dating game! We have the sexiest lesbian encounters waiting for you. We know that everyone has different tastes so we let you set your preferences so that we can find you the sexiest matches and send them straight to you! No more hassles or trying to find a date with your hectic schedule. Let us do the work and leave you with more time to get to know these sexy women. Dating can be tough so why not try something different. Tired of the club scene? Not all of us meet someone by chance, especially with such limited time to devote to dating. Online dating has the highest success rate for matching people with their current partners. it's the new way to hook up with less effort, especially when you have less time. Sign up today and try it out, see what everyone's been talking about and meet the girl or girls of your dreams! it's sexy and easy and you could be hooking up tonight! Start up a conversation, hook up your web cam or meet up for coffee, your choice! Get it on when and where you choose.

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My friend Ashley found her girlfriend on Letzgetiton and told me I should try my luck. I've always been against online dating because I felt it was too impersonal. After months of seeing how great my friend and her girlfriend were together, I decided to give it a shot. I am so happy I did! I am still looking for the one but until then am having an amazing time dating. The girls on here are amazing!

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I love to explore new restaurants in town and am always looking for a girl who shares my interests. This site has so many beautiful girls, it's actually hard to choose!lol Everyday new users sign up and I've met so many great women. it's definitely the hottest place to be.

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I love the female body and am always looking for a different source to find the woman of my dreams. Letzgetiton is a new avenue for me and so far, I'm enjoying the experience. I love how detailed the search is so I can narrow down my perfect match.

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I'm looking for a strong female to match my strong personality. My sexuality is very empowering and I love finding a match that mirrors my presence. I have been on some amazing dates that I found on the site and I find it very different from other sites I've tried. The women here are beautiful and sexy!

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Tired of the same old dating sites? Here on LetzGetitOn we know that women come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities and we set you up with the matches that you choose! Your preferences allow you to narrow down exactly who you are set up with. Are you looking for someone tonight? Start chatting with online members and see what happens. We understand that time is of the essence and no one wants to be wasting it on relationships that aren't going anywhere. Here, the time and effort you put it will give you what you'relooking for. Are you looking for a relationship? A sexy one-night fling? A forever friendship? Whatever your flavor, you will find it amongst our thousands of members. Your perfect match could be waiting for you right now and you'll only find out if you join and try it out! There's nothing wrong with trying something new and seeing what else is out there. you've tried the traditional way for so long, with no luck. Try LetzGetitOn and see what you've been missing in your life. Get in on tonight!


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Are you looking for hot lesbian hookups? Look no further. We have listened to your requests and are confident that we have created the site for new and exciting encounters. If you are tired of the same old sites, then LetzGetitOn is for you. We challenge you to try something new and sexy. Live out those fantasies and make memories you will never forget. All you need to do is sign in, create a sexy profile that showcases your sexiness and we will match you with the hottest women in your area! You can set up a date as early as tomorrow if you want or if you Don't feel like leaving your room, set up that web cam! This is the sexiest site you will find and we want you to be able to find what you are looking for. We will send you daily matches and you can browse through the waves of women just waiting to get it on. It is easy to sign up. Do you have an e-mail address? A creative username? A desire for passionate XXX sex? Then sign up now and start fulfilling your fantasies. Don't hesitate and get it on tonight!


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I'm new to this site and just testing the waters. I've met some amazing females and am loving the web cam option! I love to get to know someone face-to-face but sometimes it's a little intimidating in person so meeting on cam is a great way to start. The FAQ page helped me get comfortable with the site and I've received great support from the creators.

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I am a wild lesbian cowgirl and I'm not afraid to be the center of attention! it's been hard to meet a women like myself in social settings, probably because I have so much energy!lol Letzgetiton has helped me meet women and really get to know them on a personal level, which I love! Awesome site!

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I am big bold and beautiful and I'm looking for that one woman who is going to knock me off my feet! I've only been on two dates since joining and have had so much fun! I have a bunch of potential beauties on my radar so am not settling down just yet. I love the fun of getting to know likeminded but completely different women that I wouldn't otherwise meet in a social setting.