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"Dating isn't easy but when you have a site that finds the best couples for you, it takes the pain away!"- RainyShores

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Threesomes are a thing of the present and right now you could be chatting with hot couples who are ready and waiting for you.

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Are you looking for the threesome of your dreams? Don't be shy and get here to start living out your fantasies.

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On a business trip? Looking for some threesome action? Our location service let's us connect you with couples all over the world.


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“I'm an aspiring porn actor wanting to perfect my skills. I am open to all kinds of couples and looking to get as imaginative as possible. I've had some pretty great nights with couples I've met on here so far. So if you'relooking to teach me something or want to learn a little something, message me.” - AllotaVagina
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“There's nothing sexier than getting it on with a couple! I love a guy and girl, that way I get the best of both worlds. I've tried other sites and I'm just not that into the whole online dating scene. I just want to get it on when I want to and here; I can click a profile, start chatting and get down to business! I've also got a web cam ;)” - CrissyCat
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“I've been looking for the perfect couple for years. Finally I joined Letzgetiton and just like that, I've had so many opportunities. I've been so lucky that I've decided to keep venturing. I choose to have two to three rendezvous a week. So far, I haven't had any issues with fulfilling those needs.” - PPQueen_2

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Dreaming of couples that are as open to trying new things as you are? Start you threesome journey and find others who are into exactly what you're into. No need to hide what you want, that's the beauty of setting your preferences. We offer a long list of specific qualities to choose from so you're matches are exactly what you want. No more general likes and dislikes. We want you to be completely satisfied. Your needs are our goal. So let us get you started and then the rest is up to you. Answer your messges and see what happens when you let loose a little The possibilities really are endless in the world of online dating. If you have been dying to try something but didn't know how to start and are too affraid to reach out to a friend, meet others who want the same things and take it from there. There is no judgement when you are surrounded by sexy minded people like you ready and waiting to try something new. Start a new journey and see what you've been missing with the hottest dating site around. LetzGetItOn is there for you whenever you're in the mood and ready.

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image descritpionDirtyDarcy

I'm in school getting my Master's and the stress is a lot to deal with. I need a release. I've dabbled with exploring my sexuality a bit throughout College but am ready to take it up a notch. I've found a lot of potential couples on this site and it's definitely the hottest one out there!

image descritpionPersianFlame

I'm new to the area and looking to find couples to welcome me. The city seems so big for just little ol' me. I just joined Letzgetiton, so I'm excited to see what kind of people I can meet here. So far, the matches have been flooding in but I'm always looking for more.

image descritpionHairablazenred

Being a professional leaves me with online hooking up as my only option. I have no time during the week to meet anyone new so here I am. I've tried other sites and I'm sure you've heard it all before but Letzgetiton has the hottest couples!

image descritpionSpartaPussy

I'm sexy and fabulous and I want to join a couple that is equally sexy and fabulous. This site is perfect for being able to be you and not having to sell yourself in a profile. There are thousands of people just like you, looking for the same things to satisfy their needs.

Meet The Sexiest Couples And Fulfill Your Wildest Fantasies

Women that are tired of the same old sex are coming here to spice things up. They've taken the first step in experiencing a new kind of pleasure and you should too. You're here because you want a couple to give you more than your average one on one rendevous can give you, right? Start messaging potential couples and see where it leads. Look at pictures, use our messaging service and if you like what you see, go meet up. There's no harm in stepping out of the ordinary and into the sheets of an open couple willing to please you like you've never been pleased. Talk to our other members and learn why their experience through this site have been the best of their lives. Create the sexiest scenarios of your dreams and delve deeper into your fantasies than you ever have before. Meet people just like you who maybe have more experience and are willing to share their stories. Then share yours and learn from each other. Are you ready to take your affairs to a whole new level? If so, you're in the right place. You're here because you want a change so don't limit yourself. Go where you've always dreamed and do what you've always imagined, anytime, anywhere.


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Never Be Lonely Again With a Multitude Of Matches

If you're lonely and looking for multiple partners, you are not alone. It's never taboo to have needs that need satisfying right now. You're single and you're looking to have some fun. What's wrong with that? Nothing. The world is your oyster and you are free to do whatever you need to do to stay happy and if you're like the rest of us, sex equals happiness. Get in here and meet the couples that will forever make you want to stay in bed on a Friday night and not to sleep, if you know what we mean. Set the stage for the sex acts of your life and make each moment count. Learn and teach your way to sexual bliss. Never having to worry about answering to anyone. It's up to you how far you take your connectionsand how often you come back for more. Keep your phone handy for those last minute hookups, especially those late night after club sessions.There will always be someone ready and willing when you lock down the preferences of your matches. No more guess work and definitely no wasted time. We took care of that for you so that you can take care of the rest.


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This world has so much to offer! It also has a billion online dating sites. I've explored the others but have decided to stay a member here because I get the best matches. I still have a lot of exploring that I want to do and hooking up with a couple is on my list.

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I recently broke up with my boyfriend and have decided to stay single for a while to explore my sexuality. I've always loved the idea of a couple wanting to spice up their sex life with another girl. I would love to be that girl! I joined this site 5 months ago and have loved the attention and the date nights are so exciting!

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I love salsa music, meeting new people and getting it on! This site is perfect for the last two things and date nights usually involve my favorite salsa club. If you'reinto the same things, please message me. You won't regret it!